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As your COACH

Passionate About Inspiring Others


Mary is the primary coach at M-powering Leaders. Her focus is on senior executives and CEO’s. She works with highly talented professionals who want to optimize their performance and stay at the leading edge of their career. Her sole focus is to bring the very best out in you and by extension, your organization.


Having over 20 years of business leadership experience and serving as CEO of three very different international associations, Mary has walked in your shoes. Leading the Convention Industry Council, the Human Resource Certification Institute and the Council of Better Business Bureaus, she understands the array of challenges you face daily and the complexity of the issues you need to address.


Her international experience in both the non-profit and corporate sector gives her a clear connection with many international opportunities and cultural challenges you are encountering. She has extensive leadership experience as a CEO working with various types of boards, foundations and leadership teams. She knows what it takes to drive major organizational growth and organizational change initiatives. She also offers her expertise in the areas of staff development, leadership engagement, and personal branding.

Mary relies on the most appropriate form of information gathering for your individual situation including 360-degree surveys, standardized interviews, and individual assessment tools. After analyzing the data she looks for what is most relevant to your unique coaching engagement. She then partners with you to create innovative solutions and written action plans that help you achieve your personal or team objectives.

Once the action plans are complete, Mary works with you to ensure accountability for results. This provides a powerful tool to document progress and give feedback. She also acts as a confidential sounding board and helps you discover the blind spots that may be holding you or your team back. Through her positive process, support and full engagement, she increases not only your leadership effectiveness, but also your confidence to deal with each situation.

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