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Do you think you could benefit from executive coaching? Even star athletes use coaches to help them reach a higher level of performance.

In today's increasingly demanding business environment, executives have limited time and opportunity to devote to their own development as leaders. Whether implementing change or confronting changes in your organization, industry or business environment, your role is fraught with complexity and resistance.   

Most organizational leaders are smart, knowledgeable people stretched by sometimes overwhelming demands, and operating in organizations and environments that are incredibly complex. We can help you address those issues and hone your skills in a personal, focused and time effective way.

In our coaching we provide a catalyst for you to arrive at insights, solutions and behaviors that you may not have achieved on your own. We assist you in expanding strengths, enhancing skill sets and uncovering thought processes or behaviors that do not serve you well in your current role. We help you become aware of how you are perceived by others so that you can reach even higher levels of effectiveness.

Your coach acts as a credible, experienced and confidential partner working with you to create a strategy or initiate change in a balanced, objective and engaging way. Our processes help shine a light on any limiting beliefs you may have and assist you in creating plans to move forward. You can expect to gain confidence, increase leadership effectiveness, enhance relationships, and implement personal and organizational improvements. Not only will you benefit as an executive, but you'll have a greater impact on your organization as well.

An investment in coaching is an investment in your best self. Coaching provides both process, accountability and support to achieve your success goals.


The purpose of team coaching is to help successful leaders achieve a positive change in behavior for themselves, their people and their teams. Our focus is to work with a team to build momentum, increase communication and organizational effectiveness, break down silos and inspire a leadership commitment and cooperation across the organization. We help successful executives deal more productively with change.


Our process of working with the diverse views and perspectives of senior management provides a richer understanding of your organization's strategic and operational opportunities and constraints. It also helps build the top team's capability and achieve alignment with the leader's objectives and priorities.


We create a roadmap to manage complexity, conflict and goal achievement. We help top leaders develop a teachable point of view that articulates the ideas, values, competitive advantage and energy that will make their organization successful.

 Whether the intention is expanding leadership skill sets, improving performance, clarifying personal purpose and goals, developing an effective team or moving successfully through transition, we can help. Our coaching approach is data-based, action-oriented and results-driven. We support your team as they identify coachable results, define challenges and opportunities in their environments, generate and select alternative behaviors and implement specific actions. We track progress and evaluate results in support of your goals and the unique needs of your organization.


Each group is made up of no more than eight (8) executives in one peer group. The group commits to engaged participation and full confidentiality.

Each group meets every 3 weeks for a seven month period. The group members determine the meeting schedule and time of day that best works for them once the peer group has been established. Each member of the peer group also receives two coaching sessions with Mary to dive deeper into a specific issue.

At every peer group meeting each person will have time to present a specific issue that they are dealing with and will receive input from the rest of the group. Also, one issue or topic of concern for the entire group will be researched in advance and discussed with the group. All meetings will be facilitated by Mary.

The goal of these groups is threefold:

  • To build relationships with peers and share ideas and resources with one another.

  • To allow focused, uninterrupted time exploring your most pressing or significant personal or career issue in a safe, confidential environment.

  • To accelerate learning through discussion with leaders in similar positions holding varied perspectives and experience.





The best leaders understand that the essence of their jobs is to get results and at the same time build commitment to the organization's culture and values. We help leaders translate their values and goals into practical positive action and communicate it in such a way that each level of the organization embraces the change. We work with senior leaders to identify a strategy that makes sense for their organization and then help optimize the capability of the management team to implement it.


We also know that the skills of adaptation and responsiveness are critical success factors in a fast-moving, intensely challenging business environment. Organizations need to innovate, be responsive to stakeholders, manage the brand, compete on services and become increasingly efficient at the same time. Since no one leader can manage this individually, the capabilities of the leadership team have never been more critical. We provide a blueprint for that journey by defining current realities, laying out the desired future, identifying critical barriers and building focused plans for achieving the objectives. We work with you to help determine champions at key leverage points throughout the organization to ensure organizational engagement. We also keep leaders focused on the end goal.


This approach is based on a process that synthesizes at least three categories of understanding: business dynamics, individual development and organizational change.


Before we begin, we determine what you want to accomplish and what data is necessary to create the roadmap. From there, we work with you to develop a plan for how that change will take place and determine the critical action steps needed. Much of this involves surfacing the implicit and explicit understanding of the challenges that will get in the way. These can include forces of resistance, systemic or technical issues, internal politics, market factors, and the organization's own embedded values. 


The role of the non-profit board is critical to the success of the organization and achievement of its mission. The needs of each board are also varied. We tailor our services to meet your Board’s specific needs.

We work with boards to ensure that their governance, operations and structure are effective and aligned with their strategy and culture. We recommend methodologies to move the board mindset and practice from operational to strategic. We help engage board members and also guide board leaders to effectively partner with the CEO. 

We help create results oriented strategies and effective execution plans that have the power to transform organizations. Whether it is creating board composition plans, building clarity and consensus about what constitutes success, working with a new CEO, dealing with succession planning, long-term organizational change or facilitating a board retreat, we are here to help you.

Let us assist you in determining your most important goals and help create a plan to engage the people that need to make them happen. We can support you in strategic change initiatives and plans for growth, engagement and innovation. We want to help you build and execute action plans that enhance the board's effectiveness and augments the board's ability to add strategic and innovative value to the organization. 

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