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Inspire Leadership

How do you define "leadership"? What type of behavior traits and skills define a leader?

The following quote is from an article in BBB magazine TRUSTED, Greater Than Inspiration by Mali Phonpadith, Founder and CEO of SOAR Community Network.

Great leaders align their personal visions and missions with the roles they get to play in all areas of their lives. They do not limit their human potential by setting goals just for the workplace. They make honest and ethical behavior a key value for their teams to follow suit. 

Leadership is more than inspiration. It is more than encouragement. It is seeing potential. It is nurturing that potential. It is about helping others to find that potential you clearly see in themselves.

We all bring our own experiences to the table and I'm very interested in hearing those stories. I want to hear your personal definition of leadership - the forces that shaped that definition. How do you define it for yourself and for others? And more importantly, when you see potential, how do you seek to inspire it?

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